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Our robots with robotic process automation increase the value of the automation platform with tasks that are completed faster, and we enable employees to work with higher added value.

KiHero works to mimic human interactions with software interfaces and calculates your VAT refund accurately and quickly without the need to make an initial investment.
Detailed Report
Contractor Report
Sales Invoice List Report
Customs (Exit) Declaration Form Reports
Optical Character Recognition
Big Data
Cross Audit
Document and Data Verification

Functioning just like an employee, Dimro imitates human behavior and completes its tasks through user interfaces in existing applications. It performs the repetitive, rule-based processes and tasks performed by professionals in the Accounting Record process with all the following software techniques.
Machine Learning
Optical Character Recognition
Big Data
Robotic Process Automation
Document and Data Validation
Cognitive Automation

Empro helps companies deal with the technical operations that arise when applying Inflationary Accounting, in accordance with the applicable legal regulations and International Financial Reporting Standards. Empro is an essential aid to helping you use your time more efficiently by calculating in an accurate and reliable manner.
Deferred Tax
Uploading/Adding Corrected Receipts
Detailed Reporting
Recording of Indexing Differences

Robots connected to your accounting system can automatically send reconciliation e-mails to your suppliers and partners to reconcile balances via automatic statement comparisons.
Accounting Reconciliations
Current Account Reconciliations
VAT Reconciliations
Audit Reconciliations
Attorney Reconciliations
Bank Reconciliations
Current Account Reconciliations
Affiliated Company Reconciliations

Digital Audit automates processes using the most advanced tools, using artificial intelligence to draw inferences, to facilitate data analysis and interpretation. The majority of its focus is on “automation”, “artificial intelligence” and “data analytics”.
Our solutions:


VAT Return Calculation


Digital Accounting Robot


Inflationary Accounting Program


Digital Signed Reconciliation Robot


Digital Audit Robot

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